Hi here i am describing about spongy idli. Idli is a staple food of south people.It is healthy breakfast and yum with chutney. Here am going to steps for cook soft & spongy Idli.

  1. Keep to soak 2 Vati rice (idli rice and ukda jad specifically), 11/2 Urad dal, add methi seeds any one of rice vati.(It requires 4 hours for soaking it will be easy to grind specially rice and gets smooth dough)
  2. Grind it all soak material respectively and for sponginess add small vati of thin poha or cooked rice any one of them it contains sponge for our idli. (preferably cooked rice)
  3. After completing grind in one vessel important part is mixing all contains add salt in it as per your taste.Then you have to mix in your washed hands when mixing process is going have to take care direction will be right to left ,don’t change it . Because of that our idli flour gets fermented amazingly.(Fermentation process 8-10 hours) so have to take care when it will be require in next day as per you scheduled your grind time. In winter will take more time usually it will be come to end within 8 hours.
  4. Main process will be done You can ready to use for our batter or idli or dosa.
  5. Greece your idli dish with oil and put our batter and keep in steamer for 10 min. Your smooth and spongy idli ready to eat.

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