This Twenty one day lockdown has presented all of us with a unique and once in a life time opportunity where everybody can introspect there life and their inner self. We in our day to day life always wanted some breathing space and some time to rest and find some peace from out hectic fast paced life.

Every day in the morning we were at the mercy of the time and were so engrossed in the tasks that we had to complete in the day. We always looked forward to weekends were we would break the cycle of the time and relax for a while and get some energy back for the upcoming week. And now we all have this opportunity to do so due to this unforeseen lockdown and it’s a blessing in disguise for all of us who want to take some time off in our life.

This lockdown has brought families together and people are ok in living there life in their own pace. People has time to talk to each other, and families can play games like Cards and Carrom etc together they are at peace with their inner self, everybody has got an much needed break from office and local trains.

People are ready to listen to each other and they are in no hurry. People now are forced to cook at home and there is no or very less access to junk food as hotels are closed and people are trying new food items at home. And people are learning to live life in a different way at together.

I believe this lockdown has taught us lot many things about our self’s and how to handle different situations. And everybody will be and different person after the lockdown is over and will be better equipped to handle difficult situation in life.

Stay home Stay safe Stay healthy! Fight Against Corona virus