Traditional South-Idli

Hi here i am describing about spongy idli. Idli is a staple food of south people.It is healthy breakfast and yum with chutney. Here am going to steps for cook soft & spongy Idli. Keep to soak 2 Vati rice (idli rice and ukda jad specifically), 11/2 Urad dal, add methi seeds any one of... Continue Reading →

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Rice Noodles (Shemeda Adde)

Rice noodles called various name in Karnataka,Goa and making process is also different. Here you go with one more healthy breakfast item: 1.Take 250 gms Rice powder(atta homemade or ready in market) add salt oil and knead like chapati dough. 2. Once dough is ready have to take Chakali Maker where you can find different... Continue Reading →

Neer dosa

Here I am just giving you simple way to make Neer dosa : Take 2 vati rice(it can be massori,tukda basmati as per your choice) Have t o soak for 4-5 hours in warm water Then grind it at evening When you taking for grinding that time don't put more water because of this it... Continue Reading →

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