Sizzler was originated in Japan in early 1900’s and later became very popular in USA after the World War II in 1950’s. As the name suggests Sizzler is the food item that sizzles and which is served on a very hot iron plate which is kept over a wooden platter.

Sizzlers came  to Indian in late 1960’s and in recent time has become very popular dish in Indian restaurants. An Indian Sizzler would in variable contain pen roasted or grilled meat/chicken/fish or paneer with veggies served with French fries, shredded cabbage tomatoes and stuffed capsicum etc. and a portion of fried Rice or Noodles along with sauces.

Step 1: Make Paneer Sathe:

Take curd remove all water content,

add : 1 spoon garlic paste ,1 spoon red & green chili sauce, schzwean sauce, ketchup

Mix it properly. Add peri-peri & pizza seasoning for flavor .black salt as per taste.

After mixed batter take paneer cube and marinate all.

Add bell pepper in leftover batter. Take sathe stick insert paneer cubes & bell pepper & keep it side for half an hour.

Step 2: Make stuff capsicum with noodles

In a kadai add 1 spoon oil add spring onion and boiled maggi nsteoodles , add schzwean sauce & stir it.

Then stuff with our capsicum if you cheese lover then add on top of it.

After this all capsicum   cook for 7-8 min cover with lid.

Step 3:  Grill paneer sathe

Take non-stic tawa & brush it with butter all over

Keep all paneer sathe on hot tawa. Turn other side after 5 min

Spread melted butter on it. After grilled turn off gas and keep it on hot tawa only.

Step 4: Paneer Fried rice

In a kadai add 3 -4 spoon oil   then add chopped veggies after mixing add sauces.

1-2 spoon soya,chilli green & red,schzwean sauce, salt as per taste stir properly

Cover with lid for cook vegetables 7-8 min.

After add cooked rice and mixed properly.If you find needed sauce more you can add it.

Lastly add paneer small cubes and mixed well. Keep 5 min on medium flame & then turn off gas.

Step 5: Tossed veggies

Take olive oil if you have or regular oil

After heat up add veggies add salt & black pepper as per taste.

Veggies (bell pepper, beans, onion, baby corn)

Step 6:Sauce for our sizzler

Take 2 cup water mixed 2 spoon of tomato ketchup

Add schezwan sauce after boiled add pizza seasoning & maggi tastemaker

Boiled for 5 min and turn off flame.

Step 7: French fries

Here I have taken McCain French fries just deep fried.

Step 8: Final step for That is serving on hot plate.

If you have no sizzler plate then you can do on iron tawa. I have shown both plate.

Keep on medium flame after hot place cabbage leaves on surface

Then keep all cooked stuff  Paneer fried rice,tossed veggies,French fries, Paneer Sathe,stuffed noodles capscium

Final just spread sauce on hot plate serve hot sizzler to your loved ones.

Hope I will explain it in easy method. But believe me It tasted very much tasty than restaurant. Specially tossed veggies which were my son & husband never eat on restaurant sizzler. Here they were finished up. Try out!