Rice noodles called various name in Karnataka,Goa and making process is also different. Here you go with one more healthy breakfast item:

1.Take 250 gms Rice powder(atta homemade or ready in market) add salt oil and knead like chapati dough.

2. Once dough is ready have to take Chakali Maker where you can find different types of sacha for shevai (thickness-wise)

3. Put part of dough into that sacha and press with top and start to spread on dish with the help of sacha.And to steam for 10 min in steamer vessel on medium flame.

4.After steam that stuff to keep open and put into below fan it needs to be normal then we can free that noodles each other.

5.It can be eat plain with chicken curry or vegeterian can have with any spicy curry.

6.But for breakfast you have to put pan on flame.Put oil into it after warm you can add urad dal,curry leaves ,hing,mohari once get aroma of urad dal add steamed sheavaya and put salt and sugar as per taste.Add one bowl of grated coconut and mixed it well.It is ready to have for your morning breakfast.

Here is short video about practical:

Rice Noodels