After first “Paneer Satay Vegetable Sizzler” success family demand for non veg sizzler. I have made a Chicken Tikka Sizzler with makani sauce. It turns amazingly delicious. I agree there are lot of steps to do for sizzler but if you have planned a day before you can easily do the preparation like cutting vegetables, marinating of chicken etc, before hand.

After a lot of hard work when you can see the happiness on your family members it gives you a satisfaction. Just try this recipe out you will surely forget the restaurant sizzler. In minimal cost you can make a delicious sizzler with your own choice’s vegetables, sauces, rice or noodles varieties.

Don’t be late get start with your sizzler!

Serving: 6 people

Preparation time: 2 hours (all process cutting to final step)

marinated part done before a day it gives more taste to our chicken tikka.

Step 1:

I} Take curd remove all water content,

Add :

1 tspoon Red chili powder

1 tspoon Garam Masala

2 tspoon Tandoori Masala

1 tspoon Lemon Juice

For flavor: pizza seasoning ,peri-peri , chat masala, pinch of black salt

All mixed well

II} Take 500 gm Boneless chicken (medium cut) washed it.

Marinate with pinch of turmeric,1 Tspoon red chilli- powder, salt, garam masala.

Then cook with 1 whistle of pressure pan. After cool down marinate with above curd batter.

Step 2:

Prepared all cutting & boiled required vegetables for this sizzler.

Boiled corn for 7 min Keep aside.

Cut vegetables : Brocoli,Bell pepper,Carrot,Beans,Capscium,coriander

Step 3: Make stuff capsicum with white sauce corn

In a kadai add 2 spoon Butter, add 2 cups of milk, add 2 spoons of maida stir well.

After simmer add cheese again stir well, add boiled corn, add chili flakes, black pepper, salt as per taste.

Take capsicum and add these white sauce corn in it. Keep it aside.

In kadai add olive oil 1-2 spoon and keep out stuffed capsicum cover the lid for 10 mins. It is ready now.

Step 4:  Butter vegetable & garlic rice

In kadai take 2-3 spoon butter add carrot & beans, add chopped garlic & mixed well.

Add salt & black pepper then add ½ cup grated cheese cook with the lid for 5-8 min.

Then add cooked rice in it & mixed well.

After mixed add chopped coriander & add chat masala, mixed it properly cover with lid for 7 mins.

Our Butter vegetable garlic rice ready.

Step 5:

Makani sauce

In a pan take 2 spoon of butter, add 2 spoon of ginger garlic paste then add 1 bowl tomato ketchup

After mixed add I cup of chicken stock and a cup of cashew & black raisins paste.

Add 1 spoon of red chilly powder ,1/2 spoon sugar,1 tspoon salt,1 cup water. Stir well.

Add 1 tspoon of garam masala, add 1more cup of water mixed well.

After proper boiling add pizza seasoning & juice of one lemon add in it.

Add 1 cup of fresh cream & boiled for 5 min.  more. Our Makani sauce is ready.

Step 6: Grilled Chicken tikka

Take a tawa and spread butter on it. Place our marinated bones chicken pieces.

It can be turn after 5-7 min if you want you can add melted butter on top of it.

After all, done we have to grilled on gas flame. It has to be hold in grill stick and move around on our gas flame.

Step 7: Tossed veggies

Take olive oil if you have or regular oil

After heat up add veggies add salt & black pepper as per taste.

Veggies (bell pepper, beans, onion, baby corn)

Step 8: French fries

Here I have taken McCain French fries just deep fried.

Step 9: Final step for That is serving on hot plate.

If you have no sizzler plate then you can do on iron tawa

Keep on medium flame after hot place cabbage leaves on surface

Then keep all cooked stuff .

Final just spread makani sauce on hot plate serve hot sizzler to your loved ones.

Hope I will explain it in easy method .But believe me It tasted very much tasty than restaurant. Specially tossed veggies which were my son & husband never eat on restaurant sizzler. Here they were finished up. Try out!