Chocolate brownie is chocolaty with nuts, Choco chips, soft & spongy. It is favorite of younger as well as elder people. When it serves with vanilla ice-cream i.e. called chocolate brownie. This is the best combo of dessert. Its party, restaurant it is the demanding dessert “sizzling Brownie”

Chocolate brownie is simple to make at home. In minimal time & cost you can get best chocolate brownie at home. If you have small get-together it is the best dessert for your guest & loved ones.

Let start process:

Serving: 8 people


1.5 cup maida                                              1 tspoon vanilla

1/3 cup coco & chocolate drink powder                               

1 tspoon baking powder

½ cup powdered sugar                              1 tspoon vinegar

½ bowl pieces of chocolate                        ½ cup melted butter

1 bowl crushed chocolate               1 cup milk (room temperature)

Chocolate Ganache:     1 cup pieces of chocolate , 1/3 cup warm milk                                        

 For garnishing:  Chocolate cookies crushed


  1. Take a bowl add 1 bowl crushed chocolate keep on boiled water vessel. (like double boiler)

After melted add ½ cup melted butter. Stir well.

  •  Melted chocolate take in big bowl then add 1.5 cup maida, 1/3 cup coco & chocolate drink powder, ½ cup powdered sugar, 1 tspoon baking powder.
  • Mixed all contain well then add 1 cup milk gradually check the consistency of batter. Stir well then add   1 tspoon vanilla, 1 tspoon vinegar all mixed add pieces of chocolate. It gives flavor of chocolaty & bites of chocolate pieces. All done add batter in greased cake square teen. Keep in preheated kadai with 45 -50 min on medium flame.
  • After cool down spread our chocolate on it & garnish with chocolate cookies by crushing. Keep in freeze  for set .
  • Our chocolate brownie is ready to eat.
  • Make chocolate ganache: Take one bowl chocolate add warm milk and stir well After melted spread on our brownie. To watch in detail kindly click on

If you have vanilla ice-cream you can have with this brownie. If you want sizzling brownie you can take your iron tawa (if not sizzling plate) heat it then keep brownie pieces and on top of it add vanilla scoop just spread chocolate sauce that you can have mapro or harshish chocolate syrup.

You can make vanilla ice-cream also easily at home will share it soon.

Enjoy! Keep liking! Stay safe!