We can make various dishes from potato. When you have vegetarian guest it is always a question what would be the starter it can be paneer or kabab, but, potato is a food item that everyone likes . I have tried creamy potato when I had a party at my home It was really tasty kids as well as adults also enjoyed it.

So I have made it again for sharing with you 2 to 3 things I have changed using water instead of milk, added 1-2 more spices, etc . Here is the process of making  “cream of  potato

Let’s start.


If you r taking small potatoes then wash it clean 2-3 times then whistle 4-5 on cooker ( i have taken regular potatoes)

Boiled potatoes normal process like we boiled for pav bhaji after cooked keep it cool then remove skin and mash it.

After that add 1 spoon of corn flour, peri peri, chill flakes, black-pepper , red powder add 1-1.5 tspoon actually it depend on taste only but this is average qty for 6 (regular medium size potatoes ) add salt pinch of mix it properly and then make small balls and press it.

After all made coins of potatoes then make batter for it 1 cup maida 1/2 cup corn flour add water to make thick then add 1/2 tspoon all spices above then coated coins and heat pan in oil and shallow fry all coins (if you want to skip maida you can directly add water in corn flour)

After cool, spread sauce on every coin with spoon.

Process to sauce:

 1-1/2 cup mayo beat it properly add peri peri , chill flakes , schzewean sauce, pizza seasoning and add pinch of salt all material beat it properly it looks creamy paste after that add 1/3 cup milk if you want more thick then add more milk but don’t add altogether mix it and added gradually.(Instead of milk you can add water too)

 I have made in both ways. After all mixed then squeeze lemon and mix it and spread on our fried coins sprinkle pizza seasoning and chilli flakes and coriander. You can Serve it. You can add coins in sauce only in half an hour before serve it or else it can be more dry.

Enjoy this starter!