Loving to have Italian taste especially white sauce preparation.  My brother cooked Italian meal for me on last Saturday for my birthday. He did all the buying, chopping, cutting & cooking. But, of course with some of my help for ingredients, plating and serving.

I shot a video for the same while he was cooking for me. You can also try the same for your loved ones who are fan of Italian Food. That’s why I am sharing this meal recipes with you all.

White sauce chicken:

Serving – (3-4 people)


3 spoon oil, 500gm boneless chicken

Chopped garlic 1 small bowl, Chopped onion

Chopped vegetables : bell pepper, beans, broccoli, capsicum, corn  

Salt as per taste,1.5 tspoon black pepper

Chili flakes, oregano as per taste

White Sauce :

300 gm butter, ½ cup maida

1 cup milk , 1/3 cup Grated cheese

Salt,Chili flakes, oregano as per taste

Mashed Potato:

4 boiled potatoes,1 cup milk

2 spoon butter 1 smal bowl chopped garlic

Salt ½ t spoon,

Butter Garlic rice

1 bowl  rice , chopped garlic small bowl ,2 spoon butter


First we will make white sauce chicken. It is better if you will marinate ½ hour boneless chicken with garlic paste & salt before.

 In a pan add oil after heat add washed boneless chicken add chopped garlic, mixed well. Then add 1 tspoon salt & 1 spoon black pepper mixed properly cover with lid for 5-7 min to cook. After that just stir it and add chopped vegetables and keep mixing and again cover with lid for 8-10 min for cook vegetables and chicken.

Don’t add salt because we will add into in white sauce so it will be saltier.

After cooked keep aside ready chicken with vegetables.

Now will make white sauce, take pan add butter after melt add maida (you can use corn flour too instead of maida) whisk properly. Add one cup milk gradually stir it properly no lumps have to in that.

After getting thick add chili flakes, oregano, salt as per taste.

Our sauce is ready now will add cooked chicken into it and mixed very well and again garnish with chill flakes & oregano. Salt should be added after taste only.   

Note: you can add grated cheese and 2 spoon mayonnaise in your white sauce for enhanced taste but it is completely optional.

Our white Chicken sauce is ready to plating.

Mashed Potato:

Boiled potatoes & smashed it keep aside. Take a small pan add butter & chopped garlic sauté properly. Then add milk slowly (nearly one cup) potatoes will soak it so if more into it then also no worries. After simmering add smashed potatoes mixed well and add salt, black pepper into it.

Butter Garlic Rice:

Take 1 bowl rice, cook in cooker with 3 whistle. In same process take  a pan add butter ,chopped garlic stir it properly then add cooked rice ,add salt & black pepper as per taste. Mixed well and ready to serve.