In this post I am explaining the basic recipes of Palak chicken & chicken masala (onion tomato gravy)

This is about how to make chicken at home in easy & simple way with basic ingredients. This you can have with any combination like paratha,bhakri,steam rice,chapatti. If anyone is doing keto diet they also can have this gluten free dish Only they has to cook thick gravy with chicken.

Palak chicken is an Indian curry with using fresh spinach. It is a combination of flavors & it’s healthy too You can have with bhakri, paratha & roti.


Chicken 250 gm

(Washed & marinated with red chili powder, turmeric,salt,garam masala ,curd, ginger-garlic paste)

1 spinach bunch, 5-6 stick of coriander

2-3 medium chopped onion

Tamal patra, 1 tspoon ginger garlic paste, 2-3 red chilly

2 tspoon red chili powder, garam masala

1 tspoon dry fruit paste (almond, cashew, raisin)

1 tspoon chicken curry masala (any brand)

Salt as per taste

Water (as required)

1 spoon mayonnaise or fresh cream (it’s optional)

1 spoon Amul Butter


Heat 2 spoon oil in pan, add ginger garlic paste, tamal patra, red chilly sauté them

Then add chopped onion add red chili powder, garam masala, chicken curry masala mixed it well & cover the pan and cook the onion for 8 min

Add dry fruit paste & add marinated chicken & ½ glass water mixed well, and again cover the lid and cook chicken for 15 mins. After that add Palak gravy in it and add water if required, add mayo or fresh cream (it’s optional) cook for more 10 to 15 min

Once chicken cook well check the consistency of gravy and add 1 spoon of Amul butter and cover it for  5 min and later serve the dish with roti.

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Its another Indian curry using onion tomato gravy with spices. This is basic gravy where you can use your choice of veggies or paneer instead of chicken. 

Chicken masala :

4-5 medium size onion (chopped)

3-4 tomato (chopped) , coriander (chopped)

½ kg chicken

((Washed & marinated with red chili powder, turmeric, salt, garam masala ,curd, ginger-garlic paste)

3 spoon oil, 2 tspoon Ginger garlic paste, dry fruit paste

3 tspoon red chilli powder,1/2 tspoon turmeric,1 tspoon garam masala

2 tspoon chicken curry masala,1 tspoon dry fruit paste


Heat oil in pan, add ginger garlic paste & chopped onion mixed well

Add red chilly powder, turmeric, garam masala the add chicken curry masala, dry-fruit paste mixed well and cover the pan and cook the dish well till gravy till the oil gets separated it will takes approximately 10 min on medium flame.

Once it’s done add chicken & later add salt as per taste. Add water & cover the pan and cook on medium flame 15 to 20 mins.

Once it done open the lid of the pan and keep the dish on low flame & sprinkle the coriander  .

Once It’s ready serve the dish with roti.