I have made Butter garlic Kulcha as my son loves them, In lockdown period   there is no source of kulcha as well as ready to serve Malabari parathas. In Present situation is also not to good have outside food specially for children.

Naan, Butter roti, Butter Kulcha is all time favorite in our family which can be eaten with all kinds of gravy’s like veg kolhapuri, paneer masala, etc Sometimes with boring bhaji also can yum with this combination.

Yesterday son as well as me also craving of other than chapati So I have tried this kulcha in very easy manner. 


2 cup Maida (serving 8-10 Butter kulcha standard size)

2 spoon Amul butter or ghee

1 tspoon baking powder

1.5 cup water (gradually mix)

Salt as per taste

1 tspoon Sugar

For garnishing: chopped coriander  & garlic & black  


  1. Take Maida add all ingredient mixed well. Add water gradually by mixing. We have to soft dough as much we can.

2. After proper kneading keep aside for ½ an hour wrap with wet cloth so our dough can moist.

In meantime washed coriander & chopped also garlic too.

3. Now make a small ball from the dough.  Roll into on dusted board.

4.Turned on gas medium flame keep tawa on it.

5.Just make finger impression on rolled kulcha and brushed with water on it.

Now main thing is that , just turn tawa on towards flame and make sure all sides are roasted with flame.

6. Now place our kulcha on hot tawa but keep water surface on hot side on it and garnish with our chopped garlic and coriander & black sesame seeds.

(you can do alternative method too melt butter add these three ingredients in it and knead dough into it.)

After that just takeout kulcha on plate and brushed with butter and serve with gravy vegetable.