South Indian using more content of coconut.In there chutney major part of coconut only.This can be taste good with idli,dosa,neer dosa,etc.

You can make very easy steps.


1 small bowl grated coconut,4-5 garlic cloves

3-4 green chilly,small piece of tamarind

small piece of onion,salt as per taste

bowl water for grinding


Take a jar add grated coconut,garlic,chilly and tamarind, onion & salt

Some water add into it and grindi t smoothly.

After grinding take into in bowl give it to “South Tadka”

Tadka: take small tadka pan, add oil 2-spoon, after heat add urid dal,black mustard,curry leaves,hing, 1 bedgi mirch after proper heat add in chutney bowl and close with lid that bowl. So smell of tadaka remains it,After 5 min you can serve with your choice of snacks.