Hey all, I have started this “cookingsecretshare” site just to share my ideas, views and communicate with people through this platform. In this blog I am mentioning about me and myself, my work but at my choice, my convenient time. 

Here goes my short story:  I have worked 8 years in procurement filed after conceived because of health issues I left my job. After my delivery, I have rejoined (4 years) corporate industry but with different profile. I have started again like fresher but this time my profile is different to me. It was completely not related to mine previous profile and also not to my stream. I am a commerce student and where I have joined it’s about IT industry. I have joined Search Engine Optimization (SEO) department in app development company. From there my new journey started.

I had taken time to understand the profile and process of work but after three month I completely understood. Fortunately, I have got the opportunity on various level like execution, implementation, content writing. Days and year ahead once upon time I had to quit my job because of some home issues but by god grace I have got opportunity to work from home and the same way I have worked 2-year form home. Everything goes smooth and in meantime I have got a lot of knowledge about this profile.

After 2 year I have taken projects as freelancer via LinkedIn and other social platforms. I have runned 5 project successfully as per the project contact terms. But as mother, wife I have to always prioritize my family and their things. Again, I had gap with my freelancing careers. Then it was difficult to regain the things as i had no set up and strong team and no financial support. But I always tried to connect with my industry updates it has very much important for me.

I always thought about one site where i will contribute my choice of work where i can enjoy and no need to invest much. Here I am hosting “cookingsecretshare.com”

But as usual not got sufficient time for it. Now I have decided at any cost i have to work towards my site at last 3-4 hours like my “child”

This is my short professional story most of women facing ups and down in their professional career as mother, wife, daughter-in-law. But this is the only beauty of a women, she balances all and always tries to follow dreams. We have always to do something love. At the end of day, we have to satisfy with our mind and sleep peacefully.