I am not baker, nor too keen for making cake but don’t know what should I say fortunately or unfortunately, I baked two cakes successfully with good taste with decent presentation.

From the start of the lockdown to till date I made all the cake for the birthday, anniversary and all other celebration. We are cake lovers. This is the reason I have tried cake and now I am proud of myself as I made the cake with no accessories and no prior knowledge of baking and icing.

But now I have confidence and love to make cake. In short, lockdown gave me one new skill set of baking. At least I have started to make baked item and now looking forward to explore it.

Today, I have made mango ice-cream with easy three steps. Now I am completely ready to serve soup, starter, main course, dessert. I have realized how much we will be spending in our routine life for dessert. I know every time we could make it all but yes nowadays we are not waiting for occasion, mood ban gaya will order dessert. So, in routine life we can make these baked and dessert item will save money as well as it safe and homemade so hygienic too.   

Tryout and explore more after lockdown also we have to take care of ourselves and our family too.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!