Poha contained by flatten rice It is specific Maharashtrian dish. When poha comes in mind then we will visualize kanda poha with potato, kanda poha with peanuts garnished with coriander and some people prefer grated coconut and squeezing lime on top of it.

Poha is mainly use of breakfast, chivada for dry snacks. Poha have more of carbohydrates and less fats.

It is one of healthy eating habits. We can make variety dish using poha which we can use for teatime snacks, starter as dinner and menu for small kitty parties.

Here is ingredients & process of cheesy Poha nuggets :


1 bowl Jada Poha

2 spoon rice powder

2 boiled potatos

1 t-spoon salt

1 spoon chili flakes, pizza seasoning each

1.5 spoon peri peri masala (if you want less spicy then add 1 spoon only)

3 spoon cheese  

Biscuits powder for coating (can be breadcrumbs, khari, butter powder)

Process :

Take one bowl poha rinse with water and keep soaking for 5 min. After  water drains  just mash  it like flour. Then add boiled mashed potatoes  in it mix it  properly.

After that add 2 spoon rice powder, 1 t-spoon salt , 1 spoon chili flakes, pizza seasoning each , 1.5 spoon peri-peri masala, 3 spoon cheese, mix all of these  ingredients well and make a dough of it. 

Then heat a  kadai with oil on medium flame and mean time make shape of cylinder with our dough.Once all cylinder shapes are  made out of the  dough,  coat it with dry biscuit powder  and put each of it in hot oil. At a time only  fry 4-5 nuggets, so it dose not break while frying . After colored brown take it out from that. And continue   the same process .