Birthday season starts and lockdown is going, most of cake shops are delivering via Zomato but people are scared to order because of Covid-19.

I am the same person too. My husband’s birthday was yesterday and he is a cake lover, I have never tried to make a cake, I was scared to make. I always thought cake is something which I will never make

But this lock-down taught me how to overcome our weakness and I made a decent cake without oven and without egg.  It was yum. My husband as well as all family members liked it very much. I am really happy to see my cake.

I am sharing the recipes of the cake in simple way:


First, we will make basic chocolate cake

1 cup Purpose Flour ,½ cup condensed milk,½ cup oil

1 cup milk (but add only required),1 cup powdered sugar

1/3 cup coco powder,1 spoon chocolate drink powder

¼ teaspoon chocolate essence,½ teaspoon baking powder,¼ teaspoon baking soda


Before we start, have to greece our cake container with oil if you have butter paper put it on base if don’t then just dust with flour.

In dry vessel add ½ cup oil, ½ cup condensed milk & 1 cup powdered sugar mixed well. Oil and condensed milk, cup powdered sugar like paste.

Take Strainer on that vessel and add 1 cup Purpose flour, 1/3 cup coco powder, 1 spoon chocolate drink powder, ½ teaspoon baking powder, ¼ teaspoon baking soda. After that just do add.

Mixed all properly in vessel with the help of spatulas once all dry content mixed add milk but gradually as per needed. Batter should be not thicker.

Once it ready add in our greece aluminum teen vessel. Keep in our kadai which was already preheat.

On medium flame keep 40-45 min. Check with middle with the help of toothpick. If it outs clean then your cake is ready. After cool it can be on plate.

Now, we will mango basic cake  

1 cup Purpose Flour,½ cup condensed milk

½ cup oil,1 cup milk (but add only required)

1 cup powdered sugar,¼ teaspoon mango essence

½ teaspoon baking powder,¼ teaspoon baking soda

Sugar Syrup:One small bowl takes water and one spoon of sugar and mixed till melt it.

Cream of chocolate:

1 dark chocolate (Amul or any but it should be dark)

½ vati condensed milk,½ warm milk

2 spoon Hershey’s chocolate

Making of final cake:

After both cakes cool down, has to cut in middle and spread sugar syrup all four parts so cake is moist. Then apply chocolate cream each base spread it properly and put alternate one of  them for layered cake. And also cover the cake with cream on all sides.

Decorate as per choice on top. I have put perks and dairy milk as my hubby is fond of chocolate.

It is ready now, keep it in refrigerator for set at last 3-4 hours so your cake taste is more yum.