I have made cake without oven, Chocolate cake with caramel & limon flavor cake for our 13th anniversary.

It is made in very short time with minimal ingredients & with no cake accessories. In this cake my son helps me lot and taken video of cake making. So will share this video in this blog it is not filtered all things are original.

Sharing the ingredients & process of cake:


3 pack of Oreo medium pack & 1 parle-g small pack

1 cup of milk

3 spoons of powdered sugar (it is optional)

1 Eno sachet

For Icing: (dark & white)

¼ dark choc block

3-4 spoon hot milk

1 small bowl caramel liquid 

3-4-piece white chocolate (I have taken limon) plain will do

Oreo biscuit cream (here it is vanilla)

3-4 spoon hot milk

Sugar Syrup:

1 spoon sugar

1 small bowl boiled water


Take 3 pack of Oreo medium pack & 1 parle-g small pack, separate Oreo cream keep aside. Crush it all biscuit and put in jar & add milk one cup. Grind it well and takeout in vessel batter. Add 3 spoon of powdered sugar, mixed well. Add one Eno sachet in it and again mixed them.

After all, done, all batter takeout in grease cake tin. Spread evenly & bump it so all small balloons will be settled. 

Now Put it on vessel which is already preheat. (preheat 5-7 min on medium flame) Turned off time is 50-55 min on medium flame but we have to check between after 45 min sometime it is baked. If not then again continue 10 min. It depends on gas flame too. So, it is better to check once. All of you know how it is knowing our cake is ready or not. If toothpick out clean that means our cake is ready.

Turned off the gas and keep aside for cool down.

Mean time we will be making icing:

Take ¼ dark choc block add hot milk and it is melting then add 1 small bowl caramel liquid. Then Blend it properly, It  looks like smooth paste but not more thick.

Caramel icing cream

Take Oreo biscuit cream add 3-4-piece white chocolate, add 3-4 spoon hot milk & mixed it properly It has to be mixed altogether and look like smooth paste.

white icing cream

Sugar Syrup:

Take bowl boiled water add 1 spoon of sugar and mixed it completely.

Now we will start our icing:

Cake is completely cool down. We are cut it down form middle. And take two part of our cake.

On both top of spread sugar syrup evenly. Then on base top spread evenly our white chocolate icing

spreading icing

Then other part of cake keeps on it properly. All can be done very softly specially you are new in baking.

Once top is set then spread our caramel icing on it and also spread all sides of cake.

Then it has to be kept for set in refrigerator. 1-2hour is enough to set.

Whenever required just take outside and cut it down. But as hot weather after out cut it down immediate or else out icing will start melting.

Enjoy yum cake!