Rava is very healthy to have and nowdays dietitian also suggest instead of poha ,bread you can have rava item dishes like upma,sugarless sheera,rava dosa,rava Dhokla,etc.

We will check the ingredient of this dish:

2 vati Rava , 1 1/2 cup curd , 2 green chili ,small piece of ginger,ENO soda 1-2 packet

How to do :

Take one vessel 2 vati rava then mixed with curd and mix it well, and keep aside for 5 minute.Meanwhile we will take chilly and ginger and grind like chutney.

Now we are adding ginger chillyy chutney with mixed batter and again mixed with bitter.Keep aside.

Take dhokla vessel or idli vessel keep it on gas . Spread oil with brush on plate. Now we have to add ENO soda in batter and after that immediate we will pour in dish which we were already ready with oil. Then it will be in vessel and cover with lid . It have to be wait 10 minutes.

After done it has to be normal tempratue and then sprinkel water.

Take small kadai with oil and on gas After heat oil put mustard seeds,curry leaves and hing once it heat fully pour it on cool dhokla palte everywhere and keep aside 2 min so all oil will go inside and dhokla will be soft and tasty.

Your Dhokla is ready if you like then you will sprinkel lal mirchi powder and serve with khajur chutney.