Here I am just giving you simple way to make Neer dosa :

Take 2 vati rice(it can be massori,tukda basmati as per your choice)

Have t o soak for 4-5 hours in warm water Then grind it at evening

When you taking for grinding that time don’t put more water because of this it will take time to grind . These 3 bowl rice can grind in two parts. After grinding it you can add water more and salt too as per taste.

The floor should be watery like curry thickness.

After completing you can keep in refrigerator. Don’t ferment this flour .

Before making It should be an out 10 min from refrigerator.

Making Process:

Take a non stick tawa heat on very high flame

put oil and spread it from brush all over tawa.

And then take one fein long spoon and spread on it tawa.

Make a flame low close with lid for 2 min Then open the lid and fold it like chapati and keep on dish. Your neer dosa is ready.

Note: When take out neer dosa from tawa on dish that time don’t keep above one on one just spread it after cool you can store one on one. If you keep one one one after immediate from tawa it stick altogether.It spoiled your dosa.

Kindly have a look on video: